Private Label Spray Wax #351-1

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Formula Number: 351-1
Stock Color: White
Stock Fragrance: None
Markets Served: Automotive, motorcycle, marine
Suggested Packaging: Bottle with trigger sprayer

Restore instant gloss and shine to your car's paint and glass with Spray Wax. Contains advanced polymers and real carnauba for maximum protection. Simply spray onto your car's paint and buff with a microfiber towel. Can safely be used on all exterior surfaces including paint, windows, wheels, bumpers and more. Dries clear with no chalky residue. Non-toxic and solvent-free. 

1. Shake bottle well. 
2. Spray onto a cool car surface. 
3. Quickly spread product with a microfiber towel.
4. Turn to a dry section of towel and buff dry.

: Filtered water, carnauba wax emulsion, polymer emulsion (dimethicone), and preservative (less than .05%)

PACKAGING OPTIONS: Please see our stock bottle catalog here.

Product Color: