What are your minimums?
We generally look for a 500 piece minimum. Please call us for more specifics on each product. 

Can I get samples? 
We offer sampler sets available for purchase on our website. 

Where are you located? 
We are located in Somersworth, New Hampshire about an hour north of Boston, MA. 

Can I visit your facility? 
Yes! We always welcome visitors and can arrange a meeting. Just call or email us in advance.  

How much does shipping cost? 
Shipping varies based on the total order weight, volume, and your location. We work with both FedEx and UPS for smaller orders. We also have a network of trucking companies for palletized shipments. If you wish to get an estimate in advance, feel free to contact us.

Can you ship directly to my retailer or distribution partner? 
Yes, just give us their address and any shipping/packing requirements. 

Can you drop-ship products to individual consumers? 
At this time we are not drop-shipping to consumers. 

Do you ship overseas? 
We ship both via air freight and ocean freight for international shipments. Please note that ocean freight shipments are only suitable for orders which fill at least 1-pallet. 

How long will it take to receive my order? 
This varies based on the size of your order and our current production schedule. Typically for smaller orders (less than 1000 pieces) we do our best to fill within 2-3 weeks. Larger orders can have an extended lead time, so contact us in advance so we can give you an estimate. 

How are proofs handled?
Filling Factory requires that all orders receive a paper/electronic proof and order acknowledgement prior to releasing the order to final production. If requested, a paper proof can be provided at no cost and is our best representation of what your final product will look like. The proof and order acknowledgement are checked for misspellings and other mistakes (colors, sizing, location, etc). We strongly recommend that you carefully check your proof before signing off and submitting your approval. 

Filling Factory is not responsible for any typographical errors that are overlooked and later approved by the customer. In addition, Filling Factory cannot be held responsible for any damages that may be incurred as a result of the error or mistake after the order has been printed and accepted by the customer.

Do I need my own insurance?
We strongly advise customers choosing to private-label our products to obtain their own product liability insurance.

Can I get safety data sheets?
You are entitled to safety data sheets for each product purchased from Filling Factory. Please contact our customer service department to obtain these documents.