Private Label Leather Cleaner + Conditioner Cream #300-1

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Formula Number: 300-1
Stock Color: White
Stock Fragrance: Almond
Markets Served: Automotive, household
Suggested Packaging: Bottle with cap

This private label leather cleaner and conditioner works great on both automotive and household surfaces. Removes light stains and leaves a smooth protected finish. Simply apply a small quarter sized dab onto a towel or applicator pad and rub gently onto the surface. Buff with a dry towel for immediate results. 

1. Remove loose dirt from leather upholstery.
2. Shake bottle well. 
3. Squeeze liquid onto soft towel (cotton or terry). 
4. Gently rub towel in circular motion to clean and condition.
5. Buff immediately with second cloth.  
Test first on surface to ensure surface compatibility. Not for suede.

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, coconut-based cleaning and conditioning agents (cetyl ester emulsion), vegetable glycerin, polymer emulsion, fragrance oil blend, preservative

PACKAGING OPTIONS: Please see our stock bottle catalog here.

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