Private Label Yoga Mat Cleaner - Organic Lavender Scent #915-1


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Formula Number: 915-1
Stock Color: Clear
Stock Fragrance: Lavender
Markets Served: Household
Suggested Packaging: Bottle with trigger sprayer

Filling Factory private label Yoga Mat Cleaner is a safe and non-toxic way to care for your yoga mat. Our specially formulated product uses plant-based cleaning agents to quickly remove grime from the following: yoga mats, balance balls, foam blocks, straps, and other yoga and pilates equipment. Plus we've incorporate organic lavender essential oils to give your surfaces a pleasant and refreshing fragrance.

Features & Benefits
• Made with non-toxic and plant-based cleaning agents
• 100% organic lavender essential oil scent
• Does not leave any sticky or tacky residue
• Safe for all yoga, pilates, and fitness equipement
• Made in the USA

Ingredients: Filtered water, plant-derived surfactants (for cleaning: alkyl polyglycosides and sodium methyl 2-sulfolaurate & disodium 2-sulfolaurate), emulsifying agent (polysorbate 20), lavender essential oils, preservative (less than 0.05%). 

PACKAGING OPTIONS: Please see our stock bottle catalog here.